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K-12 Regional/Countywide Programs

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The high school application processes for students currently in Grades 8-11 is now closed, results will be available February 3, 2023.  Read More

Parents/guardians of Grade 8* Students - The DCC Choice Process, Round 2 is now open and will close February 10, 2023. Read More   

Parents/guardians of Grade 8* Students - The NEC Choice Choice Process, Round 2 is now open and will close February 10, 2023. Read More    

Parents/guardians of Grade 5* Students - The Middle School Magnet Consortium Choice Process, Round 2 is now open and will close February 10, 2023 Read More   

Parents/guardians of Grade 5* Students - The Criteria Based Magnet decisions have been mailed and posted in ParentVue. Read More

Parents/guardians of Grade 3* Students - The Centers for Enriched Studies (CES) and grade 4 literacy enrichment central review process took place in late February.  Results have been mailed and posted in Parent Vue.  Read More   

Immersion admission process opened February 1, 2023.  Read More    


What are K-12 Regional/Countywide Programs?

MCPS offers a range of elementary, middle and high school programming. Most students attend their local schools where there are many programs available. Students may also be eligible for regional/countywide programs at other schools in the county that are offered to meet unique interests or programmatic needs. Parents and students are encouraged to learn about all of their options, both local school and regional/countywide programs, to maximize their learning experience. Admission criteria may apply.

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Elementary School

Elementary program options include world language immersion programs and the Centers for Enriched Studies. Entry into elementary world language immersion programs begins in Kindergarten. Entry into the Centers for Enriched Studies programs begins in Grade 4.

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Middle School

Middle school programs include interest and criteria-based options. Entry into the Middle School Magnet Consortium begins in Grade 6 or 7. Entry into the middle school regional programs begins in Grade 6. Entry into the middle school immersion programs occur when a vacancy exists in Grade 6.

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High School

High School options include interest-based and criteria-based program. There are programs for students entering high school as well as for those already in high school. Applications for any of these programs must be submitted in the fall of the current grade level for the following school year. Programs for students entering high school next year are full time programs. For Current Grade 9-11 students, programs are available on a part-time basis; taking core courses at the home high school, and the program courses offsite.

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Begin by exploring the options at your local school. All of our schools offer art, technology, enrichment, and extracurricular needs. Most students find that their local school meets their academic needs and provides opportunities to explore many interests. In addition, parents and students should also consider the following as they explore regional/countywide options:

  • Student’s interests and academic needs
  • Changing schools and making new friends
  • Longer day due to transportation 
  • Joining a new school community 

There is an admission process for these programs which is either interest (lottery) or criteria-based (multiple measures). Admission processes vary by program and by level. Please carefully review the admission process for each program. The majority of the regional/countywide programs require the student to attend the host school full time. Programs for rising Grade 10, 11, and 12 students are primarily part time.The admission process for all regional/countrywide programs occurs the year prior to student enrollment.

 For additional information about the admission process at each level visit: 

Admission to Regional/Countywide ProgramsApplication

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More information about these programs is below. Additional resources include contacting your school counselor, teachers and the administrative staff. Parent/student information meetings are scheduled each year along with school-based opportunities to showcase options to students.



Have additional questions?

• For general questions about programs and admission- contact your student’s counselor. Your counselor has received an overview of program and admission options for students at their school For specific program questions, contact the program staff listed on the website or Department of College and Career Readiness and Districtwide Programs at 240-740-4000. For admission questions, contact the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services at or 240-740-2540.

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